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DMCA Problem

Torrent that you looking for is probably alive on many websites and ready to download for free, but DMCA requests killed his visibility in google. What does it mean? After you search ex. "Deadpool", you won't see any good result in google search and you will need to visit many torrent sites manually to find what you want. WMTORRENT.COM helps you to avoid this.


From now you are able to find torrents which are hidden in google search results due to DMCA requests. Our site delivers links ONLY TO HOMEPAGE of websites such as piratebay, limetorrents, seedpeer etc. This is the price of not being deleted from google search engine results due to DMCA complaints. The effect is you are getting informed on which websites your file is alive.


We only supports sites that you probably know, they are popular and fully safe. But after you visit them, you can find torrents uploaded by diffrent people, so remember to scan files on your device before download. We would also recommend using VPN when you surfing on torrent sites, because as you probably know police can easily track your activity and your downloads in some cases.


Is this tool working like torrent search engine? Actually a bit, yes, WMTORRENT.COM searches big websites for chosen title and shows a big list of torrent sources in a short time. You can enjoy prepared search term, just click the search button on one of popular torrent sites and get wanted file. Our search engine makes you sure the file is alive in indicated site at this moment.


Snipe only live torrents and visit sources


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How we bypass DMCA complaints? How to stay visible in google?

We offer only links to homepages of torrent sites and our tool inform you on which websites searched file is detected as alive, free and ready to download in real time. In some hard cases we still have to remove links to homepages, but this happens rarely.



We respect copyright laws and we always care about correspondence with DMCA reguesters.

Please contact us before you send the DMCA complaint to google search. We respect your work and we will simply remove forbidden contnent in 24h. Please notice that we do not offer any direct links to forbidden file (only to homepage of torrent site in some cases), no download links, no direct downloads, 0 magnet links or other forbidden content.

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What is this?

Serving direct links going to torrent pages that offer direct download file is forbidden and constantly removed by dmca complaints. That's the reason why results from torrent sites are often invisible in google search, they offers direct download or they are linking to pages with download so google deletes them. You need torrent search engines like this one, because torrent that you are looking for is probably alive on many sites, but due to copyright complaints you won't see any results in google. Links only to homepages are completely other story. How to show to users on which pages particular torrent is alive and ready to download & stay visible in google and avoid dmca complaint? Our torrent search engine scan big torrent sites, finds searched file on many services and present all sites which offer download this, but all result links going to homepages. What you actually receive? Full list of live and working torrents refreshed in real time and info what websites host chosen file. The only one disadventage of this tool is you will need to visit homepages of torrent sites and then search your file, but you are guaranteed that wanted file is alive and ready to download on indicated websites. This is the price for staying visible in google search results and not being sniped by DMCA complaints. How to use it? Simply copy the file name, then click on the domain name in the same row and paste the phrase into search bar on chosen torrent service homepage. You will find indicated torrent at 100% because this tool refreshes the results in real time.

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